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graphic_beta's Journal

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This is a community for those who are dedicated to improving in one specific field: graphics. That includes icons, wallpapers, blends, manips, posters, layouts, and anything else your fancy might come up with.

This is the place where graphic artists of all levels (beginners to advanced), post their graphics to receive honest feedback from members of the community, or in other words, constructive criticism from others. This is not the place to come if all you want to hear is, "Wow, great, love it, post more soon!"

And finally, this is a community for not just recieving help, but giving it as well. So remember to participate in discussion and be ready to help out with your opinion, suggestions, and maybe even a tutorial or two, if you're feeling really generous.

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1. At all times, be polite and respectful to the poster. This is a community for constructive criticism, so try to make it just that. Constructive.

2. Any and all graphics are allowed, so long as the content is suitable for underage children. If your graphic is not, for whatever reason, child-safe, please put it behind a cut tag with the appropriate warnings.

3. Please, be courteous to other members. Post large graphics behind a cut tag, or post a link to them.

4. No spamming. There are no exceptions to this rule.

5. You do not have to be a member or someone who is "grapically inclined" to leave your own critique. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, so long as it is respectful and constructive to the poster.

6. Replies like, "I don't like the color" are unacceptable. However, replies stated like, "The color is too bright" or, "the color doesn't work well because..." are allowed.